October 15, 2019

Start of Chair Seminar Series

IPOC - Functional Polymers Seminar

WS 2019/2010

Location: Pfaffenwaldring 55, Seminar Room 1.814


Do, 24.10.19 / 14:00h

Prof. Dr. Joris van Slageren, Institut für Physikalische Chemie

“Molecular Nanomagnets for Quantum Applications”


Mo, 28.10.19 / 12:00h

Prof. Dr. Harald Gießen, 4. Physikalisches Institut

„3D-Printed Optics. The Smallest Endoscope of the World“


Do, 07.11.19 / 14:00h

Prof. Dr. Holger Steeb, Institut für Mechanik

“Temperature & Humidity affected Rheology of Polymers“


Di, 07.01.20 / 13:00h

Dr. Hagen Klauk, MPI Stuttgart

“Organic Transistors“


Do, 16.01.20 / 13:30h

Prof. Dr. Michael Zharnikov, Universität Heidelberg

“Bottom-up approach to interface engineering - molecular self-assembly on solid substrates“


Do, 23.01.20 / 17:15h - Within the GDCh-Kolloquium / V 55.02

Prof. Dr. Hans Börner, Labor für Organische Synthese funktionaler Systeme, HU Berlin

“Abusing Peptides for Materials Sciences: An entire world in between plastics and proteins“


Do, 20.02.20 / 13:00h

Prof. Dr. Igor Zozoulenko, Linköping University, Sweden

“Electronic, Morphological and Transport Properties of PEDOT: a Theoretical Perspective”


Mi, 26.02.20 / 10:00h

Prof. Dr. Mario Leclerc, Laboratory of Electroactive & Photoactive Polymers Université Laval, Canada






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