Our Copolymers are useful for Catalysis in Confinement!

November 28, 2022

Congratulations to Michael Dyballa and Sabine Laschat and their teams for setting up this collaborative research with us!

C. Rieg, M. Kirchhof, K. Gugeler, A.-K. Beurer, L. Stein, K. Dirnberger, W. Frey, J.R. Bruckner, Y. Traa, J. Kästner, S. Ludwigs, S. Laschat, M. Dyballa

Determination of Accessibility and Spatial Distribution of Chiral Rh Diene Complexes Immobilized on SBA-15 via Phosphine‑based NMR Probe Molecules, Catal. Sci.Technol., 2022, accepted.




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