Congratulations to Claudia on her J. Mater. Chem C. Paper on doping of redox polymer films!

September 3, 2020

Great News

Claudia is presenting a systematic conductivity study on redox polymer films and is able to produce transparent, highly conducting and crosslinked films based on bicarbazole redox moieties by chemical and electrochemical doping.

C. Malacrida, Y. Lu, K. Dirnberger, S. Gámez-Valenzuela, M. C. Ruiz Delgado, S. Ludwigs, Towards Highly Conducting Bicarbazole Redox Polymer Films with Plateau-like Conductivities, J. Mater. Chem. C 2020, Doi:, "Celebrating Tobin Marks’ 75th Birthday" themed collection.



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