Publication List Naumann Group

Publications and Patents since 2012

  1. Asymmetric Rh Diene Catalysis under Confinement: Isoxazole Ring-Contraction in Mesoporous Solids
  2. M. Marshall, Z. Dilruba, A.-K. Beurer, K. Bieck, S. Emmerling, F. Markus, C. Vogler, F. Ziegler, M. Fuhrer, S. S. Y. Liu, S. R. Kousik, W. Frey; Y. Traa; J. R. Bruckner, B. Plietker, M. R. Buchmeiser, S. Ludwigs, S. Naumann, P. Atanasova, B. V. Lotsch, A. Zens, S. Laschat (submitted).
  3. Mesoionic N-Heterocyclic Olefins as Initiators for the Lewis Pair Polymerization of Epoxides
  4. I. Haug, J. Reitz, C. Ziane, M. R. Buchmeiser, M. M. Hansmann, S. Naumann, Macromol. Rapid Commun. 2024, 2300716 (featured in Hot Topic: Organocatalysis).
  5. Synthesis of Poly(propylene oxide)–Poly(N,N′-dimethylacrylamide) Diblock Copolymer Nanoparticles via Reverse Sequence Polymerization-Induced Self-Assembly in Aqueous Solution
  6. M. A. H. Farmer, O. M. Musa, I. Haug, S. Naumann, S. P. Armes, Macromolecules 2024, 1, 317-327.
  7. Sterically Demanding Binaphthol-Based Chiral Diboranes for the Metal-Free Preparation of Isotactic Poly(propylene oxide)
  8. A. Sirin-Sariaslan, S. Naumann, Chem. Commun. 2023, 59, 11069-11072 (featured in the Chem. Commun. HOT Articles 2023 Collection)
  9. Revealing the Monomer Gradient of Polyether Copolymers Prepared Using N-Heterocyclic Olefins: Metal-Free Anionic versus Zwitterionic Lewis Pair Polymerization
  10. E. Kersten, O. Linker, J. Blankenburg, M. Wagner, P. Walther, S. Naumann, H. Frey, Macromol. Chem. Phys. 2023, 224, 2300097
  11. Tethering Chiral Rh Diene Complexes Inside Mesoporous Solids: Experimental and Theoretical Study of Substituent, Pore and Linker Effects on Asymmetric Catalysis
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  13. Borane Catalysis for Epoxide (Co)Polymerization
  14. S. Naumann, Polym. Chem. 2023, 14, 1834-1862
  15. Betainic and Ionic Tungsten (VI) Imido Alkylidene N-Heterocyclic Olefin Complexes
  16. M. R. Buchmeiser, D. Imbrich, D. Wang, S. Naumann, J. Organomet. Chem. 2023, 991, 122674
  17. Chiral Diboranes as Catalysts for the Stereoselective Organopolymerization of Epoxides
  18. A. Sirin-Sariaslan, S. Naumann, Chem. Sci. 2022, 13, 10939-10943
  19. Non-Toxic N-Heterocyclic Olefin Catalyst Systems for Well-Defined Polymerization of Biocompatible Aliphatic Polycarbonates
  20. C. Czysch, T. Dinh, Y. Fröder, L. Bixenmann, P. Komforth, A. Balint, H. J. Räder, S. Naumann, L. Nuhn, ACS Polym. Au 2022, 2, 371-379
  21. Predictive Design of Ordered Mesoporous Silica with Highly Defined, Ultra-Large Mesopores
  22. C. Vogler, S. Naumann, J. R. Bruckner, Mol. Syst. Des. Eng. 2022, 7, 1318-1326
  23. A Comparison of Zwitterionic and Anionic Mechanisms in the Dual-Catalytic Polymerization of Lactide
    A. Balint, S. Naumann, Polym. Chem. 2021, 12, 5320-5327
  24. Strategies for Pore Diameter Control in Ordered Mesoporous Carbons Derived from Organic Self-Assembly Processes
    S. Naumann, Organic Mater. 20213, 283-294
  25. Ordered Mesoporous Carbons via Self-Assembly of Tailored Block Copolyethers for Pore Size-Dependent Applications
    F. Markus, C. Vogler, J. R. Bruckner, S. Naumann, ACS Appl. Nano Mater. 2021, 4, 3486-3492
  26. A Simplified Approach for the Metal-Free Polymerization of Propylene Oxide
    C. Vogler, S. Naumann, RSC Adv. 2020, 10, 43389-43393
  27. Dual Catalysis with an N-Heterocyclic Carbene and a Lewis Acid: Thermally Latent Pre-Catalysts for the Polymerization of Azepan-2-one
    H. J. Altmann, M. Steinmann, G. Mourgas, I. Elser, M. J. Benedikter, S. Naumann, M. R. Buchmeiser, J. Polym. Sci. 2020, 58, 3219–3226
  28. Polymere & Nachhaltigkeit - Minitrendbericht 2020
    M. Winnacker, S. Naumann, Nachrichten aus der Chemie 2020, 68, 9, 67-69
  29. Dual Catalytic Ring-Opening Polymerization of Ethylene Carbonate for the Preparation of Degradable PEG
    N. von Seggern, T. Schindler, S. Naumann, Biomacromolecules, 2020, 21, 2661
  30. Ultra-High Molecular Weight Poly(Propylene Oxide): Preparation and Perspectives
    P. Walther, C. Vogler, S. Naumann, Synlett, 2020, 31, 641
  31. Polar Olefins for Catalysis: Synthesis, Properties & Applications of N-Heterocyclic Olefins
    S. Naumann, Chem. Commun., 2019, 55, 11568
  32. Controlled Synthesis of "Reverse Pluronic"-Type Block Copolyethers with High Molar Masses for the Preparation of Hydrogels with Improved Mechanical  Properties
    F. Markus, J. Bruckner, S. Naumann, Macromol. Chem. Phys. 2020, 221, 1900437
  33. Lewis Pair Polymerization of Epoxides via Zwitterionic Species as a Route to High-Molar Mass Polyethers
    P. Walther, A. Krauss, S. Naumann, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2019, 58, 10737; Angew. Chem. 2019, 131, 10848
  34. Proton Affinities of N-Heterocyclic Olefins and their Implications for Organocatalyst Design
    R. Schuldt, J. Kästner, S. Naumann, J. Org. Chem. 2019, 84, 2209
  35. Synthesis of Linear Poly(oxazolidin-2-one)s by Cooperative Catalysis Based on N-Heterocyclic Carbenes and Simple Lewis Acids
    H. J. Altmann, M. Clauss, S. König, E. Frick-Delaittre, C. Koopmans, A. Wolf, S. Naumann, M. R. Buchmeiser, Macromolecules 2019, 52, 487
  36. Organic Catalysis for Polymerisation Edited by A. Dove, H. Sardon and S. Naumann, RSC Polymer Chemistry Series (2018). ISBN: 978-1-78801-184-6
  37. Polarized Olefins as Enabling (Co)Catalysts for the Polymerization of gamma-Butyrolactone 
    P. Walther, W. Frey, S. Naumann, Polym. Chem., 9, 3674 (2018)
  38. The Lewis Pair Polymerization of Lactones Using Metal Halides and N-Heterocyclic Olefins: Theoretical Insights
    J. Meisner, J. Karwounopoulos, P. Walther, J. Kästner, S. Naumann, Molecules, 23, 432 (2018)
  39. Controlled Preparation of Amphiphilic Triblock-Copolyether in a Metal- and Solvent-Free Approach for Tailored Structure-Directing Agents
    A. Balint, M. Papendick, M. Clauss, C. Müller, F. Giesselmann, S. Naumann, Chem. Commun., 54, 2220-2223 (2018)
  40. N-Heterocyclic Olefin-Based (Co)Polymerization of a Challenging Monomer: ω-Pentadecalactone and its Co-polymers with γ-Butyrolactone, δ-Valerolactone and ε-Caprolactone
    P. Walther, S.Naumann, Macromolecules, 50, 8406-8416 (2017)
  41. N-Heterocyclic Olefins as Initiators for the Polymerization of (Meth)Acrylic Monomers: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Approach
    S. Naumann, K. Mundsinger, L. Cavallo, L. Falivene, Polym. Chem. 8, 5803-5812 (2017)
  42. Protected N-Heterocyclic Carbenes as Latent Organocatalysts for the Low-Temperature Curing of Anhydride-hardened Epoxy Resins
    H. J. Altmann, S, Nauman, M. R. Buchmeiser, invited paper, Eur. Polym. J., 95, 766-774 (2017), highlighted in Adv. Eng., Oct. 20, 2017  
  43. Dual Catalysis Based on N-Heterocyclic Olefins for the Copolymerization of Lactones: High Performance and Tunable Selectivity
    S. Naumann, D. Wang, Macromolecules, 49, 8869-8878 (2016)
  44. Application of Imidazolinium Salts and N-Heterocyclic Olefins for the Synthesis of Anionic and Neutral Tungsten Imido Alkylidene Complexes
    D. A. Imbrich, W. Frey,  S. Naumann, M. R. Buchmeiser, Chem. Commun., 52, 6099-6102 (2016)
  45. In Situ Copolymerization of Lactams for Melt Spinning
    K. Jovic, J. Unold, S. Naumann, M. Ullrich, F. G. Schmidt, M. R. Buchmeiser, Macromol. Mater. Eng., 301, 423-428 (2016)
  46. Highly Polarized Alkenes as Organocatalysts for the Polymerization of Lactones and Trimethylene Carbonate
    S. Naumann, A. W. Thomas, A. P. Dove, ACS Macro Lett., 5, 134 - 138 (2016)
  47. N-Heterocyclic Carbenes for Metal-Free Polymerization Catalysis: An Update
    S. Naumann, A. P.  Dove, Polym. Int., 65, 16 - 27 (2016)
  48. Dual Catalysis for Selective Ring-Opening Polymerization of Lactones: Evolution toward Simplicity 
    S. Naumann, P. B. V. Scholten, J. A. Wilson, A. P. Dove, J. Am. Chem. Soc.137, 14439–14445 (2015)
  49. Convenient Preparation of High Molecular Weight Poly(dimethylsiloxane) Using Thermally Latent NHC-Catalysis: A Structure-Activity Correlation
    S. Naumann, J. Klein, D. Wang, M. R. Buchmeiser, Beilstein J. Org. Chem. 11, 2261-2266 (2015)
  50. N-Heterocyclic Olefins as Organocatalysts for Polymerization: Preparation of Well-Defined Poly(propylene oxide)
    S. Naumann, A. W. Thomas, A. P. Dove, Angew Chem. Int. Ed., 54, 9550 - 9554 (2015)
  51. N-Heterocyclic Carbenes as Organocatalysts for Polymerizations: Trends and Frontiers
    S. Naumann, A. P. Dove, Polym. Chem., 6, 3185 - 3200 (2015)
  52. Latent CO2-Protected N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Based Single-Component System-Derived Epoxy/Glass Fiber-Composites 
    M. R. Buchmeiser, J. A. Kammerer, S. Naumann, J. Unold, R. Ghomeshi, S. K. Selvarayan, P. Weichand, R. Gadow, Macromol. Macromol. Mater. Eng., 300, 937-943 (2015)
  53. Heterogenization of Ferrocene Palladacycle Catalysts on ROMP-Derived Monolithic Supports and Application to a Michael Addition
    M. Sudheendran, S. H. Eitel, S. Naumann, M. R. Buchmeiser, R. Peters, New J. Chem., 38, 5597-5607 (2014)
  54. Air Stable and Latent Single-Component Curing of Epoxy/Anhydride-Resins Catalyzed by Thermally Liberated N-Heterocyclic Carbenes
    S. Naumann, M. Speiser, R. Schowner, E. Giebel and M. R. Buchmeiser, Macromolecules, 47, 4548-4556 (2014)
  55. Liberation of N-Heterocyclic Carbenes (NHCs) from Thermally Labile Progenitors: Protected NHCs as Versatile Tools in Organo- and Polymerization Catalysis
    S. Naumann, M. R. Buchmeiser, Catal. Sci. Technol., 4, 2466-2479 (2014)
  56. Latent and Delayed Action Polymerization Systems
    S. Naumann, M. R. Buchmeiser, Macromol. Rapid Commun.,35, 682-701 (2014)
  57. Anionic Ring-Opening Homo- and Copolymerization of Lactams by Latent, Protected N-Heterocyclic Carbenes for the Preparation of PA 12 and PA 6/12 
    S. Naumann, F. G. Schmidt, M. Speiser, M. Böhl, S. Epple, C. Bonten, M. R. Buchmeiser, Macromolecules, 46, 8426-8433 (2013)
  58. Polymerization of ε-Caprolactame by Pre-Catalysts based on Protected N-Heterocyclic Carbenes: The Importance of Basicity 
    S. Naumann, S. Epple, C. Bonten, M. R. Buchmeiser, ACS Macro Lett., 2, 609-612 (2013)
  59. Protected N-Heterocyclic Carbenes as Latent Pre-Catalysts for the Polymerization of ε-Caprolactone
    S. Naumann, F. G. Schmidt, M. R. Buchmeiser, Polym. Chem., 4, 4172-4181 (2013)
  60. Ionically tagged Ru-alkylidenes for metathesis reactions under biphasic liquid-liquid conditions
    B. Autenrieth, F. Willig, D. Pursley, S. Naumann, M. R. Buchmeiser, ChemCatChem., 5, 3033-3040 (2013)
  61. Protected N-heterocyclic Carbenes as Latent Catalysts for Polymerizations
    S.Naumann, F. G. Schmid, M. R. Buchmeiser, 23. Stuttgarter Kunststoff-Kolloquium, 6.-7. 3. 2013, Stuttgart
  62. Polymerization of Methyl Methacrylate by Latent Pre-Catalysts Based on CO2-Protected N-Heterocyclic Carbenes
    S. Naumann, F.-G. Schmidt, R. Schowner, W. Frey, M. R. Buchmeiser, Polym. Chem., 4, 2731-2740 (2013)
  63. Regioselective Cyclopolymerization of 1,7-Octadiynes 
    S. Naumann, J. Unold, W. Frey, M. R. Buchmeiser, Macromolecules, 44, 8380-8387 (2011), highlighted in SYNFACTS, 8 (2), 0150, 2012 by T. M. Swager and J. R. Cox
  1. Diborane-Based, Metal-Free Systems for the Preparation of Isotactic-Enriched Aliphatic Polyethers and Application Thereof
  2. S. Naumann, A. Sirin-Sariaslan, M. R. Buchmeiser, EP22169072
  3. Latent catalyst systems and processes for the production of polyamides (U Stuttgart)
  4. M. R. Buchmeiser, I. Elser, H. Altmann, M. Benedikter, S. Naumann, EP 3 892 668 A1
  5. Lactone polymerization catalyzed by protected N-heterocyclic carbenes and main group metal carbene complexes as latent initiators (Evonik Industries)
    F. G. Schmidt, M. R. Buchmeiser, S. Naumann, WO 2014154427 A1 20141002
  6. Method for polymerizing ε-caprolactam (DITF Denkendorf)
    S. Naumann, M. R. Buchmeiser, WO2014118076 A1 20140807
  7. Anionic ringopening polymerization catalyst precursors for ring-opening laurolactam polymerization (Evonik Industries)
    F. G. Schmidt, S. Reemers, K. Burger, M. Ullrich, M. R. Buchmeiser, S. Naumann, DE 102013210424 A1 20141211
  8. Polymerizable reaction mixture for producing epoxy resins, and the use thereof (DITF Denkendorf)
    M. R. Buchmeiser, S. Naumann, DE 102013008723 A1 20141127
  9. Bulk or solution polymerization using latent initiators based on thermally activatable N-heterocyclic carbene compounds (Evonik Indistries) 
    F. G. Schmidt, M. R. Buchmeiser, S. Naumann, WO 2014001007 A1 20140103
  10. Catalyst system for the preparation of highmolecular weight polyether and application thereof (Universität Stuttgart)
    S. Naumann, P. Walther, M. R. Buchmeiser, EP19151061
  11. Catalyst mixtures comprising N-heterocyclic carbenes and Lewis acids for the preparation of oxazolidinones (Covestro)
    H. Altmann, S. Naumann, M. R. Buchmeiser, K. Koopmans, C. Gürtler, WO 2020025805 A1 20200206



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