Open Positions

PostDocs, Doctoral Researchers, Master/Bachelor Thesis, Research Internships in the Naumann Group

Open Positions (Naumann Group)

Master, Bachelor, Internships

Currently 1-2 positions for Master/Bachelor/Research Internships are available for the summer term 2023 or the winterterm 2023/2024. If you are interested, please contact Dr. Naumann.

Current research topics:

  • stereoselective, metal-free polymerization catalysis (--> catalyst design, organic chemistry, polymer chemistry)
  • (multi)borane catalysis (--> organic chemistry, polymer chemistry)
  • ordered mesoporous carbon materials for the electrocatalytic CO2-reduction (--> polymer chemistry, material chemistry, physical chemistry)
  • porous carbon membranes for diffusion studies (--> polymer chemistry, materials chemistry, physical chemistry)



There are currently no open positions.


There are currently no open PostDoc-Positions. If you are planning to apply for a self-funded PostDoc, please contact Dr. Naumann.

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