This image shows Philipp  Weingarten

Philipp Weingarten

PhD Student
Catalysis Research Center
WACKER-Chair of Macromolecular Chemistry, Technical University of Munich

Head of Group

Internship Students

- Semanur Çakırefe


Former Members

- Jan Jacobs (Internship student)

- Iris Kachel (Master thesis: Synthesis and characterization of cationic, amphiphilic copolymers for siRNA delivery)

- Joanna Slomka (at Eye Hospital Tübingen, ERASMUS internship student)

- Jens Koppe (Internship student)

- Laura Nothum (Master thesis: Copper(0)-mediated synthesis of amphiphilic, functional triblock copolymers for potential drug delivery applications)

- Sankalp Dixit (DAAD-WISE internship)

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